Effective Software Developer

I'm Dominik Szaradowski, an effective full-stack software developer specializing in creating software for all platforms. With experience in robotics and electronics.

About me

My name is Dominik Szaradowski and I develop software for virtually all available platforms and operating systems. The professional path I have chosen began in 2016 and continues uninterruptedly until today. However, my adventure with programming and creating the first applications began long before commercial experience.

For over 8 years

The experience gained allows me to create fast, resilient and scale-optimized solutions, because performance and scalability are my priorities. I have the right predispositions and I am equipped with the right tools to carry out more complex tasks. I also have a wide spectrum of ideas and solutions that can be used in projects while ensuring a positive user experience. I can work in a team, quickly solve problems and adapt to emergencies situations.

I also have experience in building robots, research and measurement stations and designing electronic systems. Programs for creating raster and vector graphics are no strangers to me.

I maximize the time spent on learning and professional development, which is why I often read books related to programming, watch online courses or simply follow documentation in my free time. I am passionate about modern technologies, computer hardware and all sorts of IT curiosities. In my work, I value the freedom that comes from creating virtual reality and this is what shaped me into the person I am now.

Dominik Szaradowski

Senior Full-stack Developer

Creoox • Jun 2023 - Present (1y 2m)

Working on web services, creating, testing and deploying applications. Performing engineering calculations and working on solutions in the field of 3D graphics and CAD. Support in website development and server infrastructure management. Participation in R&D works and project management.


Nexebit • Feb 2023 - Present (1y 6m)

Working on internet services, including app development, IoT system design, and electronic system programming. Creating web, hybrid, and mobile apps for Android and iOS. Participating in R&D and project management. Implementing software on Linux servers and practicing CI/CD.

Lead Software Developer

NSL • Oct 2020 - Feb 2023 (2y 5m)

Development of web, hybrid and mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. API programming based on RESTful architecture. Working with MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL databases. Designing Internet of Things systems and programming of electronic systems. Deploying software on Linux based servers. Working in the practice of continuous integration and continuous CI/CD delivery.

Full-stack Developer

Komspec • Feb 2016 - Oct 2020 (4y 9m)

Programming web and hybrid applications, mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. API programming based on RESTful architecture. Working with MongoDB and MySQL databases. Designing Internet of Things systems. Deploying software on Linux-based servers.



The front-end is an important part of the application development process because it defines how the user will interact with them. Therefore, it is important that it is easy to use and intuitive.

Level of advancement

Very high
JavaScript JavaScript
TypeScript TypeScript
Vue.js Vue.js
Vite Vite
Nuxt Nuxt


The back-end is the part of the application that is invisible to the end user. It includes the business logic, database, server, and other components that are responsible for processing requests from users and generating responses.

Level of advancement

JavaScript JavaScript
TypeScript TypeScript
Node.js Node.js
NestJS NestJS
Nuxt Nuxt
Java Java


Databases are organized collections of information stored in electronic form, enabling effective management and analysis of data, usually used in information systems and business applications.

Level of advancement

PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
MongoDB MongoDB


DevOps is a combination of software development and IT infrastructure management processes for fast and effective product delivery as well as continuous implementation. It is also a culture of cooperation and continuous improvement.

Level of advancement

Git Git
Nginx Nginx
Docker Docker
Ubuntu Ubuntu
GH Actions GH Actions


Mobile applications are programs designed for smartphones and tablets. They allow easy access to services, entertainment and information anytime and anywhere. Thanks to them, life has become more integrated with technology.

Level of advancement

Android Android
Capacitor Capacitor
Quasar Quasar
Ionic Ionic
Java Java

Other skills

I also have skills that I use in electronics, i.e. soldering, PCB design and microcontroller programming. I have experience with graphics programs and 3D design tools. It allowed me to gain extensive knowledge and skills related not only to programming.
Photoshop Photoshop
Illustrator Illustrator
Inkscape Inkscape
Unity Unity